What’s the alternative?

Now that Valentine’s Day is out of the way for another year (that makes me sound desperately unromantic which is very far from the truth) I am sure many people’s thoughts are starting to turn towards the marriage season.

There are lots of wonderful white/cream/ivory creations out there, but what if you don’t want to walk up any kind of aisle wearing a traditional wedding gown? What are the alternatives.

Wedding dress copyright N RodgersWell you could always be like the super talented Deborah Simms currently appearing in the Great British Sewing Bee who made this wonderful creation for herself. There’s no doubt that going down this route ensures that you end up with something that is bound indelibly with your own personality.

B9GDLriIEAAPjB1If stitching something this important gives you the heebie jeebies you could always enlist the help of a talented someone else. The wonderful Rachel Fox from Foxglove and Gingersnap makes truly one of a kind dresses using fabulous machine appliqué.

CaptureYou don’t have to look much further to find a wealth of alternatives. Joanne at The Couture Company has a veritable feast of goodies on offer, seemingly covering every style from steampunk to etheral twenties inspired gowns.

If meringue isn’t your style, the bridal shop on your high street brings you out in a cold sweat and you aren’t confident enough to have a go yourself, it looks like there are plenty of talented sewsistas out there who can create something exactly right for you.

Cat x