Sunday afternoon stitchin’

I’ve been feeling a bit guilty that I haven’t done any actual sewing for a few weeks. There always seems to be something to do or someone who needs to be taken somewhere.


Therefore this afternoon I thought I would try and complete a little project just for the satisfaction of doing something. I found an old copy of Mollie Makes which still had the freebie make on the front and dug out the sewing equipment to make a little travel card holder.  Since my existing travel card wallet has been slicing a hole in my coat pocket this would also possibly be something that would come in very handy.


I’m always amazed that I have picked a hobby that requires so much ironing.  The first thing I had to do on opening the little paper envelope was to give everything a jolly good press.


The instructions were clear, but unfortunately the person writing them had clearly had a common sense failure.  There is a reason why imperial and metric recipe requirements aren’t interchangeable, and this is equally so for sewing.  How anyone is expected to measure 6 and 7/8cm is beyond me.  The instructions had patently been created in inches and whoever rewrote them didn’t round the cm measurements up to accommodate a ruler.

There was another problem with the acetate. This had to be trimmed to exactly the same size as the originally sewn rectangle.  But, as we all know, when you turn something inside out you lose a little from the bend of the fabric, so more adjustments required.

My first attempt at sewing through acetate wasn’t wholly successful, but fortunately I still had a heavyweight needle in the machine from sewing something else a couple of weeks ago.  I did discover that the knack to sewing ribbon onto acetate was to spray a little adhesive onto the back first, stick it in place and sew with the ribbon face down to allow the feet to gain a little traction.


This was almost a 15 minute project, and the results were not bad at all.  Not least because my travel card actually fits in the wallet!






What’s that lurking under the bed…?


As you may, or may not remember from one of my previous posts, I have confessed to having rather a large stash of sewing/creative magazines under my bed.

Capture1Many of these are staples that you would find at any newsagents, such as Sew magazine ( which is great for free dressmaking patterns) and Mollie Makes (a nice quirky read guaranteed to bring a smile) the big favourites that didn’t go anywhere near the recycling bin were from US brands Interweave and Stampington.

Capture2I first came across these titles while visiting one of my favourite stitchery dens, Rainbow Silks in Great Missenden (of Roald Dahl fame). They carry a huge range of magazines from both publishers and their beautifully produced covers are very hard to resist.  Stampington do a wonderful range of really quirky titles, including whole magazines devoted to rejuvenating clothing – Altered Couture – as well as eclectic soft toys and the melding of 3D artwork using paper, fabric, painting and dyeing techniques to produces some wonderful pieces of art.  The photography is always amazing and the writing enthusiastic, it’s a bit like National Geographic for creative types!

STF-200x200The other title which I always buy is Stitch from Interweave.  I like this magazine because it is absolutely jammed full of projects with the patterns included or easily downloaded from their website.  There is just a little chat at the front and a few product reviews, but other than that it is all about the sewing.  I have made lots of different things (including Bob, Fred and Bert the reindeer) of various different levels of complexity and there is little that I haven’t been pleased with.  There are even free bonus projects on the web like the Feel Good Love Pillow

If you can handle working in inches and the frustration of not having as easy access to crafting materials as is apparent in the US marketplace, I can heartily recommend these publishers for pushing you outside your normal sewing/creative comfort zone.

Cat x

Day 22

Day22_minipurseItem number 22 and it’s Mollie Makes to the rescue again.

This little purse was the give-away on Issue 24. I’ve wanted to have a go at using this kind of purse clasp for a while now but have never quite plucked up the courage.  It was just the excuse I needed to go and buy the special super-tacky glue required.

Kitty is back tomorrow – hurrah!  I think she will be impressed.

Cat x

Day 6

TNeedlefelt Doglethose of you who are familiar with the Mollie Makes magazine, you may remember the article in the thirteenth issue which inspired the make for today. These fantastically cool creations are the work of Gretel Parker, a children’s illustrator who began her needlefelting journey just four years ago. Her toys are now collected worldwide. Armed with her needlefelting kit and her Mollie Makes magazine, Cat set about creating one of these fun little characters as her sixth make 0f the challenge. This is the second time Cat has attempted a little doglet, and we think she’s getting fab at needlefelting. Her first creation presides on Kitty’s desk at home, but it didn’t take long for Kid to kidnap the next edition to the collection. To see more of Gretel Parker’s designs, pop over to Look out for Day 7 of the Make for Lent challenge, coming soon to a blog near you.

From Kitty and Doglet, it’s over and out for now.

See you next time.