It’s the little things

unnamedIt isn’t always easy to find the time to make a whole new garment, but there are other ways to create clothes that are extra special and that little bit different.

I have been known to buy myself a bog-standard t-shirt from a well-known supermarket and adjust the length or add buttons and other trimmings to make it into something that differentiates it from everyone else’s.  I’m still plucking up the courage to do a full-scale alteration challenge – I think that potentially this is something I need to do with a friend which would force us to do something in a specific time-frame.

I do have a large stock of buttons, but I’m always on the lookout for more and I came across these from Kate Holliday on Friday.

As it happens, I know Kate through mutual friends so it was lovely to catch up with her at Olympia. But I was also completely blown away by her hand-made buttons.  And they are completely hand-crafted. Starting with a lump of clay, Kate flattens, cuts and fires these gorgeous little pieces of loveliness.

I couldn’t resist this little chap – and he will definitely be featuring on a garment at some point.  I also fell in love with the shirt buttons Kate herself was sporting so I am going to be investing in some of these as well at some point in the very near future.  Bye bye plain white shirts forever!

Cat x