What next?!

Just_married_buntingHaving finally finished the 40 Makes for Lent Challenge (and discovering my deficiencies in the mathematics department) I have been wondering what to do next.

I do have a list of projects which need undertaking – not least that I need to get my stall in order for the summer selling season.  One thought I did have was that I should make 10 things per month which follow a particular theme.  Since the wedding season is upon us one of them could be 10 things for a Spring wedding.  Since I already have one thing complete it would seem to make sense, but I may yet have something else up my sleeve!

The bunting in the picture is for the daughter of one of our neighbours who gets married next week – let’s hope for better weather than we are currently getting.  I’ve never sewn with hessian before and I sincerely hope I never have to again.  It’s very rare for me to want to give up on something but this one drove me pretty close.  Not only did the hessian fray outrageously but it gummed up my lovely new sewing machine which is simply not on!

Cat x