From sticky beginnings…

London_purse2Oh what a frustrating old day…

I know that making purses using frames should be a breeze but I seem to have spent an inordinate amount of time picking glue off me, fabric, the purse frame, the kitchen table… you get the picture.

While they look deceptively simple, these little fortune cookie purses are actually made from 12 different pieces of fabric, interlining and wadding.  Since cutting out is my least favourite occupation I had to will myself to cut conservatively from the fabric rather than in multiples which would have saved me an awful lot of time.  They were pretty easy to sew together and then the fun started.

No matter how hard I tried I couldn’t seem to get the first side of each purse fitted into the slot on the frame without the glue going all over my hands and the frame.  Having conquered this particular hurdle I then discovered the second side wouldn’t fit without rearranging the first side again and required me holding everything in place until the glue held securely.  By this time I was just a gunky mess, and there were three more purses to finish.

Much muttering, grumbling and hissing later I have completed four purses and am wondering whether to repeat the exercise.  I thought that they would make great little travelling sewing kits (complete with some goodies inside) what do you think?

Cat x