The Bayeux Tapestry

The Bayeux Tapestry

The next stop on Marnie’s Adventure was the Bayeux Tapestry. A self-confessed history nerd, I could go on about it forever, but in an attempt to be vaguely relevant on what is essentially a quirky craft blog, I’ve decided to dedicate a whole seperate post to the tapestry instead. Sewing related. Mainly.
Lots o’ love,
K and M
(Could that be an ice cream- K and M? M and K? How about Marshmallows and Kit Kats? If you had to come up with your own ice cream flavour, what would it be called and why? )


GoatsIf you’ve seen the latest of Marnie’s adventures and my post on the Kid the Cat’s son page, then not only are you super dedicated and fantastic, but you’ll also might know what this post is in relation to. Here, in clockwise- I think- order, are all the products that featured on our mini goat mood board. Or rather in round in a twirl order. Or just guess. That would be easier.

1. 6 Acrylic White Goats 16 mm Long Laser Cut

Short Cuts Laser

2. Lemon Lavender Goat’s Milk Soap

Green Pea Primitives

3. Grethe – Felt Goat. Felted Art Marionette Puppet Stuffed Animals. Felted Toy. white brown red reddish orange. MADE TO ORDER.

Two Sad Donkeys

(I love this goat, especially seeing as it is in keeping with the felt animal themed things we are doing at the moment. Plus, its a goat!)

4. Showin’ Goats Hand Screened Wood Sign

Zietlows Custom Signs

5. Goat – Adult

Yabbles Hats

6. Flour Sack Dish Towel – Goats: Winter Green or Red

Kei and Molly Textiles

7. Goat art print, red and blue goat pattern print, this too shall pass message, 8×10 Print

Hello Maupoo

Goat Farm

Goat Farm

Marnie’s first excursion of the week, after bread making (we made a hedgehog which got eaten very promptly afterwards) was to a goat famr in Bayeux. At least, we think it was Bayeux. The farmer was lovely, as were the goats- the kids were particularly popular. Activities included brushing goats, feeding goats, milking goats, being trampled by goats…
I felt very much like bringing a baby goat back home with me, but a) wasn’t sure how to get it past security on the ferry, and b) thought Cat would probably kill me. So, I settled for a pack of delicious homemade goat’s cheese- I’m sure Cat will put up a post on it soon, it was her present, and two minature, but not quite the same goat figurines.
Can we get a goat Mum, can we, please?
K and M

Sur le Bateau

Sur le Bateau

Marnie and I are on the boat now. Thankfully the boat is warmer than the coach, which we are sure must have been below freezing. Our toes felt like they were falling off! It’s much nicer in here, though we haven’t seen much in the way of animal friends. Other cabin mates are convinced they’ve seen a dolphin. Shall we take a look?
K and M

Marnie’s Adventure

Marnie's Adventure

So here it is, the first photo of Marnie’s voyage to France. Though the hard handle might look a little uncomfortable to sit on, rest assured Marnie spent much of the trip in her own allocated pocket in Kitty’s yellow backpack which was far more comfy. She’s looking surprisingly cheerful, considering it was a 4am start to leave for the ferry. See you soon!
Kitty and Marnie