Day 40

Day40_lilacscarfI did it! Forty makes in a little over 40 days – but nevertheless the task is complete.

This scarf was not actually meant to be number 40 but the project assigned for today is still in a heap on my desk, not least because I have fallen very rapidly in and out of love with jute.  Let’s just say that I won’t be rushing out to buy any more.

Back to my lilac woolly loveliness.  I can knit, and quite well though I say so myself – but I don’t get any enjoyment out of having to sew it all up at the end and then add necklines etc.  I always seem to lose stitches and gain them so everything looks higgledy piggledy and unsatisfactory to my slightly over perfectionist eye.  In this respect I prefer crochet with it’s one stitch wonderfulness.  However, Mr Cat does get a bit cross if I disappear every evening to commune with my sewing machine so it’s nice to have a little project to be getting on with in front of the fire.

I discovered Rachel John and her extreme knitting a little while ago and it is right up my street.  Straighforward knit one purl one but using great big needles (I have hidden them from Destructa Dog) and multiple strands of wool at the same time.  This scarf was easy breezy to make and is currently keeping me nice and toasty warm.

Cat x

Day 39

Day39_fabricnecklaceOut of the jaws of disaster… This was supposed to be a quick and easy little project to see me sail magnficently to the end of the 40 Makes but turned into a bit of an epic – all because I cut the fabric 2cm too narrow.

This little beaded necklace is really easy to construct – consisting of a fabric tube into which you push beads, either glass, cotton or wood.  I however misjudged the size of my balls in comparison to my tube and just at the moment of triumph discovered that the former were far to big for the latter.

Of course I could have just cut another length of fabric out – but I couldn’t waste what I had – so I just had to make a little trip to my favourite sewing emporioum Rainbow Silks in Great Missenden (right next door to the rather scrumptilumtious Cafe Twit) to get some different sized balls.  Three attempts later you see the finished result modelled here most beautifully by Kitty.


Cat x

Day 38

Day38_SpringCushionsYou might recognise the fabric on these super cute little cushions and, if you are really observant the patchwork pattern too.

These are the same purple and greens that were used on Megan and Lucy’s bunting – looking suitably pretty but not pink!  I think that these would look very nice sitting on the bed of someone’s lovely new bedroom – once the builders have moved out (hint hint).

Unfortunately the bunting has already gone to a new home or it would have given me the opportunity to create a little set – but I’m sure I’ll be able to recreate it in a different fabric.

Cat x

Day 37

Day37_Ahoy ThereWell Ahoy there!

This cushion has been sitting in its project bag for quite some time waiting for completion.  I received the base Waves fabric from Sarah Waterhouse quite a while ago but couldn’t bear to cut it up until I had an item in mind that would do it justice. I hope you think that I have achieved this.

Onto Sarah’s hand-printed fabric I have appliqued my lovely lighthouse and printed some busy seagulls.  I’ve finished it all off with some red piping and five covered buttons at the back.  It is really gorgeous, though I say so myself.

Cat x

Day 36

Little MonsterPinterest is a wonderful thing, isn’t it? Inspired by a picture of a monster a bit like this, Kitty set about making her own little monster using the materials Cat had at home. Though there’s still room for improvement, this is the finished result. Christened Howard, or Howie for short, this little monster has raised quite a few smiles in the past day. He’ll be keeping Kitty company as she goes through all the possible new makes for the remainder of this challenge- they could have a big job ahead of them!

Day 35

Day35_MillicentMouseNot another sister this time, but Cousin Millicent.

A bit of a diva, Millie loves nothing more than to take the stage in her little pink dress.  Once upon a time she toyed with the idea of being a ballerina, however Dorothy’s cakes quickly put paid to that particular aspiration.  Now she fancies herself as a bit of an opera singer…

Cat x

Day 34

Day34_DorothymouseMeet Dorothy!

She is Marnie’s older (and much bossier) sister.  A demon in the kitchen she makes a mean fairy cake and is responsible for most of the mouse family’s clothing being just that little bit too tight.

Fortunately she has avoided Destructa Dog and been made completely without incident this time.  She’ll be off to her new home shortly – they had better behave because pastry isn’t the only thing she uses her rolling pin for!

Cat x

Day 34

Day34_TablerunnerBack to an old favourite for Day 34.

This is the third time I have made this particular table runner – though I think this one is actually the smallest.  One 8′ long one is currently gracing a dining table in Washington DC which is rather impressive.  I had a couple of the square panels left from that particular effort so made one more to make this a decent size and it will be winging its way to Northern Ireland at some point next week.

Cat x

Day 33

Day33_DrawstringbagMore of the lovely English Insults fabric from Sarah Waterhouse Textiles today.  This was specially printed for me by Sarah a couple of weeks ago in a gorgeous deep plum colour.  I love the yellow but I think this has to be my favourite so far.

This drawstring bag is very similar to the washbag that I made for Kitty a little while ago but it’s about 20% bigger.  Very useful if you want to take the whole bathroom cabinet away on holiday with you, or for packing those gorgeous shoes for a special weekend away.  It is lined with lightweight calico and can be handwashed gently should you get it a little grubby.

On with the last few challenges now – what will I do with myself when I am finished!

Cat x

Day 32

Day32_BaubleI know, I know… it’s only March! But have you seen the weather outside?  Our house looks like Santa and his reindeers are likely to arrive at any moment right now.  I shall be tramping through the snow to the post office shortly and I’m not really looking forward to it I can tell you.  One silver lining of the snow is that all organised outdoor activities this weekend have been cancelled (hooorah!) which means no hours on end spent shivering in the cold – but unfortunately no trip to my favourite sewing shop either.

This little project was sitting on my shelf (rather like Barney Toots) for a little while and I wanted to see how easy the kit was to put together.  I have to admit that it took me an awful lot longer than I expected because the instructions were really poor and the pins provided were so small that they were virtually impossible to pick up.

However, all is not lost, I now know how it works and you will see these reappear later in the year in a slightly different format.  I’m off now to get started on a few projects because I can have a day of guilt-free sewing.

Cat x