Day 14

LunchbagIn order to get in the mood of things, I had a look at ‘Packed Lunches in Primary Schools in the UK’ , a 70 page PDF file detailing packed lunches. Did you know that according to Mintel (2002), 5.5 billion lunches are packed for children each year in the UK? Yes, yes, I know, you’re all starting to drift off now. But as it happens, we’ve now arrived perfectly on the topic of the next make. Day 14 is a wonderfully colourful lunchbox, made by Cat for me to take to school. I think you’ll agree that March is a pretty chilly time of the year, and it never hurts to bring in a flask of soup for lunch – with the odd slice of freshly made bread perhaps?

We’ve been down the plastic boxes route, but I think this lunch bag is so much more fun. Buying a handmade lunchbag allows your child to pick their own pattern, colour and print. Eating should be fun and fashionable. The lunchbag has a lovely thick thermal lining in it, is fully washable and is similar to the Tardis in that there’s a lot more space on the inside than there appears to be on the outside.

One thing’s for sure – I’m going to take heed of the ‘Eat Me’ embroidery on the flap of the bag in the next few weeks!

Kitty x

Day 13

Felt MouseOk, we admit it. There’s a chance that we might be maybe, just a little bit, a teeny, eeny, meeny bit hooked on these adorable felt critters. But can you blame us? They’re just so cute! This mouse looks great in blue, and the purple witch’s hat and scarf add an element of character as well as much needed warmth in these cold temperatures. Cat might have picked herself a short straw on this one though- our household love them so much that she’ll be busy fulfilling all the requests until next Easter.

Kitty xxx

Day 10

Pink BuntingIs it Day 10 already? Today’s make is a commission, and will eventually make its way to a little girl called Matilda. The flags comprise floral, spotty and pink prints partnered with a bright pink string and letters resulting in a cute piece of decor for any room. Out of all the things that Cat makes, I have to admit that her bunting is one of my favourites. It suits any occassion: birthdays, weddings, parties, christenings, annual events, and is simply great for brightening up a room. Cat makes bunting per request of her customers and for special occasions- did you see her Union Jack themed bunting for the Jubilee? If you’re interested in having a closer look at the types of bunting Cat already makes, then follow the link on the blog to the Kid the Cat’s son etsy shop.

Kitty x

Day 6

TNeedlefelt Doglethose of you who are familiar with the Mollie Makes magazine, you may remember the article in the thirteenth issue which inspired the make for today. These fantastically cool creations are the work of Gretel Parker, a children’s illustrator who began her needlefelting journey just four years ago. Her toys are now collected worldwide. Armed with her needlefelting kit and her Mollie Makes magazine, Cat set about creating one of these fun little characters as her sixth make 0f the challenge. This is the second time Cat has attempted a little doglet, and we think she’s getting fab at needlefelting. Her first creation presides on Kitty’s desk at home, but it didn’t take long for Kid to kidnap the next edition to the collection. To see more of Gretel Parker’s designs, pop over to Look out for Day 7 of the Make for Lent challenge, coming soon to a blog near you.

From Kitty and Doglet, it’s over and out for now.

See you next time.


Bits and Bobs

Fancy Moon Scrap Treasure PacksScrap fabrics are great for small scale projects. Projects such as clothes for small teddies and dolls, cushions, applique, bunting and patchwork are fantastic when working with small samples of fabric. Saving up bits and bobs from previous projects is a good way to generate fuel for ventures such as these. This method works towards benefiting your pocket and the environment- after all, there’s nothing like reducing, re-using and recycling to minimise your carbon footprint. However, if saving rather than spending doesn’t appeal to you, head over to Fancy Moon, where there are a whole range of ‘Fabric Scrap Treasure Packs’ to choose from.  The packages of fabric each contain a high quality selection of printed cotton fabric pieces- brilliant for any craft mission.