Homework sucks!

I came back from walking Destructa Dog and his well behaved chum this morning to find a most surprising sight in my kitchen.

Not only was Kid out of bed before 9am on a half-term morning but both he and Kitty were sitting at the kitchen table voluntarily doing homework. Even more intriguing was that it was Kid’s homework they were completing.

I had been sent out the previous day to buy a range of different icings in order to make a sugar skull. Like a good Mummy I had failed to pay any attention whatsoever as to what this task might be, I merely ticked the job done box.


As it turns out this is what they were doing. I’m sure if I had been asked to make models of Day of the Dead masks for food tech at school I too would have been spending my morning constructing something similar. I can’t actually remember doing much in cookery other than pineapple upside down pudding and we certainly never learnt much history beyond Boudicca and the Victorians, let alone world cultures.

Cat x