black_cat_on_flying_carpetKid the Cat’s son

is a sewing, crafts and creativity blog written by Cat, creator and curator of Kid the Cat’s son. The blog details the exploits of Cat and her mad menagerie, featuring weekly posts on new projects and products, made for sale and for fun. Whilst Cat has developed and written many successful business blogs, this is her first craft blog. Cat is assisted by a number of host writers, including Kid himself, his sister Kitty and their little brother, K-C.

Do get in touch.  Like most cats you’ll find us somewhere warm theradiator@kidcatsson.co.uk

The Bloggers

Cat has been quite crafty forever, long before she started this mad little venture. Prompted by her grandmothers, with the aid of an old Singer hand sewing machine and a charity shop pin cushion at the age of seven, she embarked on her creative journey. There was a bit of a long lay-off in the middle for all sorts of reasons, none of them particularly interesting. Currently, Cat is busy sewing and designing, making a variety of items for sale on commission or via her etsy shop.

cat's-paw--60RKid is Cat’s son, after whom her blog is named. Kid loves everything outdoorsy, not to mention chocolate, friends, food and fun. Rarely seen inside, Kid is always up to something – usually mischief.

Kitty is Cat’s daughter, and Kid’s sensible older sister. Like Kid, she is also a chocolate lover, in addition to having inherited Cat’s creative genes.

K-C is Cat’s youngest son. Cute, cuddly and very excitable, he’s the smiliest of the bunch and a teensy, weensy bit bonkers.

3 thoughts on “About

    • pure rocket science says:

      I scanned in one of the images from the book and made it a bit bigger on the screen. Then I printed it out onto transfer paper and ironed it onto a white t-shirt.

      My top tip would be to cut the transfer as close to the image as possible as the glue comes off when you iron it on.

      Good luck – I hate World Book Day!!!


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