Move over Patrick…

10981862_274319482754365_2864875031387427584_nIt’s back!! Like chocolate at Christmas I now have six weeks of indulgence with the lovely Great British Sewing Bee to look forward to.

And what a treat it is turning out to be already.  There are some great characters beginning to emerge, but there is already a firm favourite among my sewsistas…  Whatever his sewing skills might turn out to be, we have already voted the lop02j7dvlvely Lieutenant Colonel into the final. Fortunately he did manage first place and garment of the week so we might just be onto a winner.

It’s great to see more men in the competition, and to see a wide range of sewers.  But we are completely bowled over by Neil’s ‘bish bash bosh’ approach to the task, his cool head and his attention to detail.  If he got a ribbing from his troops before GBSB then imagine what would happen if he won!

So sorry Patrick, we’re not watching you any more, our eyes are firmly on one of the contestants.

Cat x


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