There and back again

Well hello there! It’s been a while, for which there are many reasons, but most of them desperately boring so I won’t go into them. Just be grateful that I have resurfaced!

Do not think however that I have been idle in my absence… Oh no! While a considerable amount of time has been spent helping Kid achieve his fundraising goal for the great Japanese adventure, I have managed to sneak in a little craft project here and there.

At the tail end of the year the fundraising involved making a substantial quantity of Christmas decorations. This was a bit trickier than you would think because we had to devise projects which the Scouts could handle and produce goods which people other than their indulgent parents would buy. One of the simpler items we created was a wooden heart which was sanded and varnished then hung with a little piece of vintage ribbon.

These sold very well, but I was still left with a shoebox full at the end of the process. Having stored them away I had a mini flash of inspiration and popped into a gorgeous little shop called Fair Lily in Great Missenden to purchase some of Annie Sloan’s Emperor’s Silk chalk paint.

I painted each of the hearts with a single coat of paint, and when dry applied some clear varnish then buffed it up to a nice shine. Once this was finished I applied gold size to one half and then laid on a very fiddly bit of gold leaf. The result is pretty cool methinks.

Valentine’s Heart anyone…?

Cat x

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