Something old, something new

I’ve been trying to work my way through a list of projects, many of which are stored on various chairs around my house. (You may remember from earlier posts that I have a wonderful creative space, but nothing seems to stay there long.) Each week I transfer the individual tasks onto a new page on my diary; the number never reduces!

However this week I have had a big push, and as well as completing the last of my alteration jobs, including a major deconstruction of a very well made but poorly fitting dress, I have pressed on with some of the lingerers.


This is half of a favourite pair of shorts owned by one of KC’s school friends. Not only were they too small for the owner, but they had seen a lot of wear. I was asked to make something new out of them and accepted the challenge.

Now I don’t know if you have ever tried taking a pair of very well made shorts apart in order to harvest the fabric… it is not easy. At one point I handed the seam ripper and offending garment to Kitty and she did some of the hard work for me. The secret I discovered was to take it slowly and work around the structure of the garment to incorporate some of it into the design.

After a few false starts I managed to create the front of a cushion, using lots of the scraps to make straight cut binding for the piping.


Given that the shorts fabric was a bit rough, I decided to make the back more tactile, and used a white brushed cotton which is very snugly. I covered buttons with some of the smaller scraps and had a little binding left to add a line of piping on the button flap. I tried a technique which is new to me, raw edge appliqué, to attach the recipient’s name. As a steam a seam convert I think this is something I will try again.


I think this is probably the first time I have competed a proper upcycling project, but I think it is definitely something I will do again, though maybe not with a pair of shorts!

Cat x