It’s all gone a bit ‘Wa’!

Well life here at Planet Cat has been a bit manic over the last few months and my little bloglet has been the most high profile casualty. However, rest assured I haven’t been idle and I do have some lovely things to show you.

One big piece of news is that Kid is off to Japan!

20140525-122716-44836446.jpgHe is very lucky to have been chosen as part of the UK contingent going to the World Scout Jamboree next July (I’ve been dropping hints about the wonder of Japanese fabric crafts but I don’t think I have made any headway yet). Consequently we are planning lots of fundraisers to help fund him and a scout from a less well off country who would not otherwise be able to go.

The symbol for WSJ2015 is the Japanese peace crane – Wa (please note that my fact checker is currently playing on the Wii with K.C. so do tell me if I’ve got it wrong!) and therefore we are making lots to give away and sell. Yesterday I made my first one out of fabric so I thought I would share it with you, together with the stages of construction.

Cat x








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