Hunting for my mojo


It’s been a few weeks since I actually completed a project and despite having a large pile of things to do I don’t seem to be able to get on with anything.

I’m sure I am not alone in having this problem. All of the fabric stash in the world can’t help you when there isn’t an end product in mind. Having a large resource of magazines and books doesn’t make it any easier either. Should I make a sea-themed table runner or a cake themed table organiser; a new friendship braid quilt or a cushion bemoaning the misbehaviour of. Mondays?

Yes these are all on my list!

I’ve also got a keepsake cushion to be completed, my ‘five fat quarters’ project, some trousers to take in, a new cushion to make for my living room and a couple of birthday presents. Is this a symptom of having too long a list? I don’t necessarily think so but there is something to be said for just having one thing on the go at a time.

Better get the sewing machine out pronto?

Cat x

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