Spice up your life

Occasionally Mr Cat plays a blinder when it comes to Christmas and birthday presents. I think he’s a fairly typical man in that he forgets to think like a girl when it comes to gifts and often ends up with something that he would like and a sinking feeling that he hasn’t got it quite right.

More recently he has been able to tap into the expertise of a crafty teenager aka Kitty (crafty as in creative rather than sneaky!) so I have even received some sewing related goodies. However his best present this year was all his own idea.

SpiceryIn my stocking was a little envelope containing a six-month subscription to The Spicery. Now this was not something I had ever heard of before so I was intrigued.


Essentially, what happens is that once a month you get a deliciously aromatic parcel in the post containing all the spices you need to make a meal from scratch. Now our family likes a good chilli (well everyone except the fussy eater that is) but I have never tasted one as nice as their smoked chilli con carne, not least because I would never have 5 types of chilli to hand to flavour it with.


So far since Christmas we’ve sampled noodles from Singapore, dirty rice from Louisiana and a whole range of curries and spiced dishes from around the world. Spag Bol has been relegated to a minor player in our family mealtimes and I’ve even made spiced biscuits which were truly scrummy.

Looks like 2014 is going to be quite a year of culinary adventure.

Cat x

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