Sometimes it’s better to call in the experts

As much as I learn about fabric manipulation, I discover more I don’t know. Patchwork, as far as I was concerned consisted of paper pieced hexagons created out of leftovers from previous sewing projects. Little did I know what a fascinating world it could be.

Now that I have discovered pre-cuts, and in particular Jelly Rolls, I am in my element. I have tried out a number of different construction methods, including friendship braid, disappearing nine and garden trellis and am just about to embark on something new as a commission for a friend.

I’m a very exacting individual, so my method of quilting includes getting everything lined up precisely. I can’t do off-square corners or mismatched seams because my eye is constantly drawn to them. (I feel at this point too that I should also ‘fess up to being a copywriter and since I spend a lot of my life correcting work I also can’t read a badly proofread book, a single misspelt word wreaks havoc on my enjoyment of a novel!). Consequently I haven’t yet made any attempt at quilting my work in any way that veers outside the parameters of a straight line.

You probably think I am a bit of a coward, but my enjoyment comes from making the quilt top and adding the binding. If I had to make myself quilt the project as well I don’t think anything would ever get finished and I would spend more time unpicking than anything else.


There is absolutely no shame in enlisting the help of a professional and this is where the lovely Janette Chilver from J-Quilts comes in. She was recommended to me by a fabulous quilter called Nicola Foreman and for that I am very grateful. Janette is a professional long arm quilter and a joy to work with. Not only does she suggest waddings and backing, but she also makes great choices with thread and patterns to complete a quilt to perfection.

So, while she gets on with the next stage of construction on my latest creation I can get on with a new project.

Cat x

p.s. The beautiful quilt at the top of the post is one of Janette’s and the one on the left is one of Nicola’s. Am I envious of their talents? You betcha!

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