Everyone needs a hobby

Or as Mr Cat would say every man needs a shed.


Just in case you were feeling sorry for my other half, I’d like to introduce you to his workshop, which sits directly underneath my newly tidied Spare ‘Oom. It isn’t quite as luxurious as my pad, with a distinct lack of carpet and heating, no sofa and just one little window but he is in seventh heaven. (And apparently it is much tidier and better organised than any area of the house I am responsible for.)




Mr Cat’s passion is restoring bicycles. Very specific bicycles which he spends large quantities of time scrubbing and polishing until they are better than new. I love bikes (I’ve got 2, another one on order and if you count the tandem currently under construction as well I think that’s a pretty decent collection) but I cannot beat my husband for geeky pedal passion. While he chastises me for trips to the sewing emporium and piles of sewing magazines I take the moral high ground by not commenting on the weekly delivery of bits from his two favourite suppliers, his seven bikes or the Park Tools manual that hides under the bed for nighttime consultation.

It just goes to show that what makes most of us happy is making something, whether it’s a sock toy, a couture gown or a fixed wheel bicycle.

Cat x

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