Back in the game…

Those of you who have been hanging out with me for some time may remember that once upon a time I had a Folksy shop as well as an Etsy one. Managing them both became a bit of a chore so I closed the former down.

Well times move on, and with the purchase of a nifty piece of new technology (OK so I’m a bit behind the curve) I’ve finally worked out an easy way to take the photos, edit them and get them up online without the constant palaver of sending files hither and thither. Also, the lighting and decoration in Spare ‘Oom is pretty good for an inept amateur with professional aspirations such as myself so it is all systems go.


I’ve uploaded some stock that I made earlier in the year onto both sites ready for the deluge of orders (ha!) and promised myself that I won’t be so lax in the future. There is however, one small flyette in the ointment. Both Etsy and Folksy insist on a user name with no spaces, so I use kidcatsson but the shop is called Kid the Cat’s son but the search term they need to find me is my username… I’ll solve it some how.

Cat x

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