In the name of progress

Despite a distinct lack of enthusiasm on my part, I am definitely into the final phase of organising my creative space. There is now a lot more of the carpet visible than buried under stuff and all the fabric is collected into a single area.

Last week I tootled off to the local DIY superstore to get myself a piece of plywood to put on top of the children’s football table so that I could use it as a base for my cutting board. As luck would have it, they were giving away sample pieces of laminate flooring and I managed to find 6 pieces the same (sorry but my brain doesn’t do mish mash) and they are perfect.


I’ve already used this lovely new resource and can tell you that having something just that little bit taller than the dining room table is a revelation. Its going to be getting a lot of use, when I’ve finished tidying up that is…

Cat x

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