Every colour of the rainbow.. And then some!

When someone says “I’m going to the US, is there anything I can bring back for you?” little do they know what they are letting themselves in for!

Just before Christmas some kindly neighbours gave me an address in California and offered to squeeze a package or two into their suitcase for the return journey. Like many of my sewsistas I look in envy at US based swing sites. It isn’t the range of fabrics, because we have most of them on his side of the pond, it is the price. Often a metre costs less in US$ than we pay in £ sometimes by as much as 50% which is a heartbreaking prospect. So the opportunity to get some at great prices, and in the January sales as well was too good to miss.

I was very good and restrained myself (not least because they are going again in July and if I play my cards right…) and bought these two gorgeous bundles. I use a lot of Kaffe Fassett shot cotton but normally I have to wait until a particular stage in a project then make the 90 minute round trip to the nearest warehouse which sells a decent selection to buy the right colour. By getting a complete set in this way I am going to be able to create my own colour reference board which will give me more options for buying online.

I’ll add that to my very long list of things to do!

Cat x

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