Making good use of the things that we find…

Anyone else humming the tune?

Underground, overground, Wombling free…

Actually, if you weren’t born in the late sixties you probably aren’t but then you are missing out on a vital piece of upcycling heritage.

Tomsk, Orinoco and Tobermory aren’t the only ones adept at making good use of the things that they find. There are lots of extremely talented individuals who make truly wonderful pieces out of the stuff other people throw away. I am not one of them I’m afraid, I just don’t have that design confidence unless of course it is fabric.

I have been very successful at making brooches, cushions and bags out of recycled curtains, but since shabby chic isn’t really my style it isn’t something I have gone for in a major way. This week however I have been ‘repurposing’ a couple of old sheets from a local charity shop to make Tudor costumes for KC’s class at school. Having made 20 boys’ hats (with a little bit of help from another Mum) I spent last night constructing 12 girls’ coifs. Individually they are an easy make but in such quantities it did become a bit of a chore. I now have a couple of skirts to make, utilising the flounced edge of the sheet and then I think I am done.

Now, where did Mr Cat put his old pair of pyjamas…

Cat x

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