As addictions go, mine is fairly benign….

Oh the excitement when the doorbell rings. A glimpse of the courier’s van and the hope that it’s for me!

There is nothing quite like a bit of squidgy post to lighten the soul on a cold and wet winter’s morning.
I do try my very hardest to steer clear of the fabric porn sites, aka online sewing stores but it is very difficult. They have come a long way since the nasty brown polyester and floral curtain patterns (as Mr Cat calls it) of the seventies so that now there is a veritable cornucopia of choice. I have my favourite emporia and designers, but like any addict when I need a fix I am not actually all that fussy.

Those of you who have been following the Spare ‘Oom project will know that fabric is not something I am short of. While my collection is nothing on that of a few other people I know, I could sew for a year without having to buy another thread.
And yet still I need more. But in the general scheme of things there are much worse things I could be addicted to

Cat x

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