Project multi-tasking

Ask any sewsista and she’ll sheepishly direct you to the box in the corner which contains her UFOs (sorry boys, sewbruvva doesn’t sound anywhere near as cool).

Unfinished objects are a fact of life for anyone creative. Sometimes you start something and run out of bits. Occasionally you run out of creative juices. More often it is because it is easier to group tasks together, so piecing two quilts, or making 4 soft toys at the same time is infinitely more effective than doing them one at a time. While you get lots done you are left with lots of things that are half finished.

As a recovering unfinished itemer I have been doing my level best not to have too many projects on the go at one time. Unfortunately this week I have failed miserably. A bag full of mending from a friend included her son’s favourite but now too small shorts with a reinvention brief. My own son’s new rug lies 75% finished on the office floor and I seem somehow to have given myself the task of making a selection of Tudor headgear for this term’s school outing…

Going to be a busy week methinks…

Cat x

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