Spare ‘Oom progress

At first glance it may not look like it, but there has in fact been quite a lot of progress in my new crafty abode. At one point there was not a single square centimetre of the carpet visible as I tried to make sense of the various bags and containers full of fabric and haberdashery.

I have cleaned out all of my filing drawers and these now house buttons, zips, binding and purse making sundries. While the top will soon have space for the magazine collection. I have a home for the fabric bolts but am yet to come up with a satisfactory solution for all of the fat quarters and other pieces.

The ribbon stand I usually use to display goodies at craft fairs is now being used for (you’ll never guess!)… ribbons and braids. I need to get some more bobbins to go on this because not every ribbon I buy comes on a spool that will fit.

Next task is going to be getting a top to put on the football table where I can house my cutting board. Although I have taken over my room again, I don’t mind if the children want to play here at any time. In fact we have been known to take a carpet picnic here on a wet afternoon just for a change of scenery.

I’m looking forward to getting this all sorted because frankly I’m getting bored of tidying up now. Apart from anything else I am wasting good quality sewing time.

Cat x

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