Off to the land of ‘Spare ‘Oom’

Once upon a time I built myself an office because a) I work from home and b) I had the space.

It is a very nice office, complete with sofa, armchair and coffee table there is plenty of space to rattle around in. Unfortunately, as part of the planning process I failed to pay attention to where we were putting the windows. They are very nice windows, but when I’m sitting at my desk I can’t actually see out through any of them. Which, for a sticky beak like me is a bit of a problem.

So, I decamped back to the house, moved KC into the spare bedroom and snitched his box room back as my office cum sewing den. I turned my lovely new build into a kids’ play space (complete with football table) and left them to it.

However. The lure of their own separate room away from Mum and Dad was not enough for the kids. Having to return to the house to raid the fridge was too much of a pain and they could never find the key for the door. Meanwhile, my working space was becoming less like a den and more like a cave, and a very untidy one at that. With so many things on the desk, the floor, the windowsill and the bookshelf there was no room to think let alone do.

So, at Christmas I made the resolution that I would take back my Spare ‘Oom as a dedicated sewing space. The first step has been to take all of my stuff out there. I didn’t know I had so much!


I keep finding things in the house, and I haven’t even started on my magazine collection.

It’s a bit of a sobering sight really and prompts the question that maybe I need to concentrate on working my way through my fabric collection before I buy any more. Then again a friend has just offered to bring me some more back when she goes to the US in April…

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