New Year Optimism


There’s something inherently smiley about the hyacinth, especially in the long winter days after Christmas when all those necessary journeys seem to take place in the dark. It doesn’t matter that you know the days in the Northern Hemisphere are getting longer, the appalling weather makes Spring seem such a very long time away.

If you are lucky, however, someone will have bought you some bulbs that arrive sleepily but full of promise on Christmas Day. Less than 2 weeks later, in the warmth of an ever busy kitchen they have sprung to life and in a day or so the room will be full of scent.

I was lucky and these lovely blooms are acting as a cheery reminder of all the good things that are to come. I’m not a great maker of resolutions (normally ‘eat less chocolate’ features in the number one slot) but I’m going to make this the year when I remind myself that there are lots of things I can, and do, do well and that I don’t need to beat myself up about the rest. Not everything I make can, or should be, department store perfect and not everything needs to be made with a sale in mind.

I am going to continue to buy copious numbers of sewing and crafty magazines (a girl has to have a few vices) and more fabric/ribbons/buttons because I like them. I’m not going to make protestations of projects that will be undertaken during the year because then I won’t feel a failure if I just don’t get round to them. I am going to embrace the slow movement and use the time spent sewing and making as more of a meditative journey rather than a chore which needs to be completed. And I’m not going to spread myself thinner than KC’s marmite on his morning toast.

So you’ll just have to watch this space to see how things pan out. Who knows what might happen. Most of all I hope that the happy atmosphere generated by these three simple little bulbs lingers the whole year long.

Cat x

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