Day 8 – Twelve Days of Christmas Challenge

On the eighth day of Christmas someone’s true love sent them eight maids a milking. One presumes therefore that they must have brought their own cows with them to make it a truly spectacular present. Today’s homes are a little too bijou for such a grand gesture (thank goodness) and heaven only knows where you would store all that milk, or the dung for that matter.


My offering is ultimately more manageable. I’ve made eight felt poinsettias out of green and red glitter felt. Some time go I purchased a die cutter – which Mr Cat claims he has never seen before every time I get it out! This handy little gadget makes short work of cutting out complex shapes but the big downside of it is that the dies which go with it are not at all cheap so I don’t have a vast collection.

Fortunately however, one of the dies I do have looks pretty much like a poinsettia to me and has been used on numerous other occasions for Christmas purposes. I cut eight shapes from each type of felt, arranged them in a slightly offset manner and then joined them together using some tiny silver seed beads. These may find themselves on a wreath or table decoration next year, I’m yet to decide what.

Cat x

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