Piece wrestling


While I contemplate Day 6 (Day 5 part 2 is finished by the way, just waiting for some reasonable daylight in which to take a photo) I thought I would get on with my Christmas present to myself.

I taught myself paper-pieced patchwork when I was about 11 in a fit of older cousin envy. She was making this wonderful navy blue silk and patterned construction and I’d never seen anything like it so my grandmother showed me how. I’ve only come to machine pieced patchwork relatively recently and to be perfectly frank I know why!

However, I love the whole concept of Jelly Rolls. (Actually why is it that almost all precuts have culinary names? Is this to disguise our sneaky fabric shopping on the weekly grocery bill?!) the idea of being able to buy a whole selection of one designers range in relatively well coordinated colours takes some of that endless choosing process away and that means you can ‘get to it’ much quicker.

Having tried the friendship braid I thought I’d branch out and do something new this time, so I picked the garden trellis design. Now my biggest problem is that I’m pernickety. So I can’t ignore wonky points and I have to ensure that the same fabrics don’t lie in the same line or column (can you tell I like Suduko?) which means I spend hours putting stuff together.

I think I’ve just about cracked this one, you’ll just have to watch this space to find out!

Cat x

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