Day 4 – Twelve Days of Christmas challenge

I’m sorry to report that the Christmas cards remain unwritten. There are many and multiple reasons, all directly related to an ability to ‘get on with it’. There is an upside of this however. It means that I won’t have to buy very many next year. Again…

Santa’s chief elf is happy to report that all sello has been taped, all paper wrapped and all packaging recycled, so barring any unforeseen circumstances I AM READY! So there are no more excuses for not getting on with the challenge (unless you count the fact that Mrs Cat snr has arrived and my lackadaisical approach to family mealtimes has to be abandoned).

Today I present to you Four Floral Fancies in the guise of four little toiletry bags. Lined with satin and sporting some very pretty ribbon they are an unusually girly addition to my usual range but I’m pretty fond of these. We’ve been trying to work out how much stuff you can actually get in one and the answer is ‘quite a lot’!

Cat x


2 thoughts on “Day 4 – Twelve Days of Christmas challenge

  1. Nicola says:

    These look great!! And I know what you mean about the Christmas cards… Mr F asked when I was going to do ours and when I replied he could write them himself he didn’t look very impressed!!!


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