Harnessing some house envy…

We are very lucky to live in a part of the UK where there are great State primary schools and plenty of them. This means we have a wonderfully wide range of people, many of whom we can now count as good, if not great, friends.

Recently we have had a new family arrive from Russia. Pretty cosmopolitan even by our local standards. Even more so because they are from Texas (I think, because of the whole hat thing!) and this week a lucky group of us got our first taste of some fabulous US hospitality.

It wasn’t the food that was jaw-dropping (though that was pretty marvellous and prepared by another Mum from our school) it was the truly wonderful Christmas decorations which festooned and adorned every room of the house. There were wreaths, decoupage letters and a pretty cool reindeer. Decorative garlands aplenty adorned the halway and the most magnificent collection of Russian St Nikolai including a gorgeously round Baboushka had pride of place in their very own display shelving. With six trees resplendent in baubles of every hue and shape it was just the thing to get you immersed completely in the Christmas spirit.

Most impressive was the fact that the Mum concerned had made it all herself and was more than happy to show off her tricks of the trade, in particular this wonderful wreath.

Well, my tasteful Christmas decorations now looked frankly a bit substandard, so off I hopped this afternoon to get supplies when I should have either been helping Kitty to decorate the tree or making my items for Day 3 of the Twelve Days Challenge. I parked myself at the kitchen table armed with my roll of insulating tubing and glue gun to create this rather lovely item for my hallway. I’m very pleased with the result, though my top tip would be to put the string you are going to hang it up with on before you start gluing!

Cat x

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