Day 1 – Twelve Days of Christmas Challenge


December already… How did that happen!

As Kitty, aka Santa’s most enthusiastic elf, will tell you I like to leave Christmas until the very last minute. In my book there is nothing like that frisson of fear that the stuff you ordered online might not materialise. This year will be doubly exciting as I will be talking full advantage of the up to the wire opportunities offered by the John Lewis click and collect service.

One mystery of Christmas that I still haven’t cracked is exactly when the Twelve days start. Is it the first of December or the 25th given that Twelfth Night is 6th January? Since I have set myself a Twelve Days of Christmas Challenge I’m going to take the view that they start on the 1st and end at some point before the decorations come down.

So today may I present you with Day 1. Kitty, KC and I went to the wonderful Treebarn in the aptly named Christmas Common for some retail therapy. The little fabric Holly was bought with this wooden ring in mind. When we got back I constructed a decoration for Kitty to hang in her bedroom, the first one to go up in the house.


…on the First Day of Christmas, my mummy made for me, a little Holly themed decoration.

Cat x

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