Staying organised

Please tell me that I am not alone…

In some areas of my life I am very organised; in others, ridiculously random. And no matter how hard I try I do not seem to be able to control my stash.

I’ve resorted to ‘job bags’ for some of my projects (a throwback to my office days when design projects would be kept in large folders to ensure none of the artwork went missing) and buying yet more ‘really useful boxes’ but I still have stuff trailing all around the house like a toddler’s primary coloured plastic.

Since I try to discipline myself not to cut out a project until I am actually going to sew it this leaves me often in a quandary of indecision. And despite the fact that I try to never have more than two unfinished projects on the go at any one time, I still manage to make an incredible mess.

This is my attempt to keep all of the pieces from a quilt I am making up as I go along together. It worked fine until one of the ties broke and I had to unwrap everything to put it back together again!

Maybe I just need to go back upstairs and get organising… Again.

Cat x

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