The art of being lucky

One of the hardest things about working for yourself is motivation. Every morning you have to hoist yourself out of bed and create your own goals for the day. If, like many self employed people, you have adopted this particular work pattern because of family commitments then you probably have the added distractions of getting other people out of the door by a set time. Which means that by 9am you feel like you have already done a whole day’s work!

In my ‘other’ life I often come across people who ask ‘I want to set myself up in business/I’m just starting out as a freelance’, how can I be successful?’ Well the straightforward answer is hard work. Not even the seemingly most talented individual gets to the top without huge amounts of effort. Those that do get there by a stroke of good fortune often find the time and energy commitment required to maintain their position is far more than they were expecting, and possibly more than they are willing to commit.

Today I am going to put some concerted effort into being lucky. Starting with binding my beautiful quilt.

Cat x

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