Lavender blue, dilly dilly

Normally I would consider gardening as a waste of good sewing time but the weather over the last couple of days tempted even me out of doors. And there were a couple of things in the garden that required my attention.

Firstly there has been a bit of an issue with the dogs. Normally they are pretty good but recently they have taken to digging in the raised beds. They aren’t exactly small beasties so it doesn’t take them long to deposit half a hundredweight of soil onto the patio. A few plants judiciously placed should rectify the situation.

And then there was the weed problem… When we first moved into our house it took two years of almost constant effort to get rid of the nettles. Some of them were six foot tall. Honest. Now we are plagued by chickweed and couch grass, some sort of creeper from the strawberry family and ground elder. Deep joy.

So yesterday I spent the morning digging and cursing as I filled bucket after bucket with green stuff that I didn’t want in my garden. But the bonus prize was a trip to the garden centre this morning knowing that all I had to do when I got home was pop them in the ground. I’m no plants woman, my modus operandi is to buy something I like the look of, check that I’m not putting something which is going to grow to 4m at the front of the flower bed, then stick it in and if it survives well fantastic.

But the one plant I do have a huge soft spot for is lavender. It’s hardy, pretty, smells divine and makes the garden busy by attracting hoards of bees. Plus it can be used to make lovely hearts and other scented goodies so its a sewist’s delight. I’m working on filling my garden with the stuff. Most of my plants have been French lavender so far but today I found white English lavender, how cool is that!

I couldn’t buy just one plant – it would be lonely. I bought enough to fill an entire flower bed. Which means lots and lots of lovely smelly sewing at the end of the summer. Now that’s something worth gardening for

Cat x

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