Sew near and yet sew far

Esme_top_patternAs my return to dressmaking was not unsuccessful I thought I would have another go – not least because my wardrobe is extremely sparse and I hate  clothes shopping (isn’t that right Kitty?!).

One of the great things about the resurgence in all things crafty is that it is now possible to buy patterns from wide variety of independent designers who are able to get their ideas to market much faster than the larger conglomerates.

I’ve been toiling away at this Esme Top from Sew Liberated this weekend in some lovely London Calling fabric I bought from the nice people at Raystitch.  The colour and style of the cotton voile are a bit of a departure for me as I normally stick with plain colours (well purple actually) but the sun was shining and I was in the mood for adventure.

Esme_topSew Liberated have taken the decision to create very simple instructions backed up by a video tutorial.  On the whole this is a good idea but the video wasn’t well recorded, in particular the sound and I had quite a hunt to find the bit I needed to answer my particular query.  I also ended up putting in the sleeves the traditional way as there was no way I could make them fit without putting in a gathering thread.

I’ve also come a bit of a cropper on the sizing.  You see nowhere on the pattern does it give finished dimensions nor is there any clue as to the nationality of the designer.  It was only when I  tried the bodice on for the first time that I realised my mistake.  In the UK a 12 is a US 10 and I had added a little bit extra so what I am left with is a bit of a tent!  Coupled with the fact that my sewing machine wasn’t playing nice yesterday either I was not a happy camper.

However, it’s redeemable (at least it wasn’t two sizes too small!) and I’ll know for next time…


Cat x

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