The great haberdashery hunt

HaberdasheryAre you a lover of stationery?  Do you find yourself struggling not to buy yet another memo block? Is your drawer groaning under the weight of Moleskines?  Then you will probably understand my love of haberdashery.

All of those lovely buttons and ribbons, threads and beads, the possibilities are endless.  I love felt string and grosgrain ribbon even if sometimes I have to invent projects to use them.  Actually I try really hard not to use them because then there is a possibility that someone might buy them and where would that leave me!

The problem is that it is very difficult to source haberdashery items that are out of the ordinary.  I’m still hunting for the perfect cord for one of my projects and despite trawling through Etsy etc. and having samples shipped from across the world I am no closer to my goal and the box of spares keeps on growing!

So imagine my delight when this gorgeous zip popped into my mailbox this morning.  I’ve got absolutely no idea what I am going to use it for but I couldn’t resist slipping it into my shopping basket when buying purse string on Tuesday.  For once I wasn’t disappointed and I might just have to go and get some more in different colours just in case.

Now where did I put those purse frames…?

Cat x

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