Hello spring!

Fabric_flowerHere’s the conversation I had with KC when I collected him from school yesterday:

KC:  There’s a letter in my bag.
Cat: Yes?
KC: It’s about a flower.
Cat: A flower?
KC: A 3D flower.
Cat: For anything in particular?
KC: To hang in the corridor.  We’ve got to make one.
Cat: When for?
KC: Friday.
Cat: Is there anything in particular you want to make?
KC: It has to be made of fabric.  And I want it to be a rose.  It’s got to be red in the middle and green at the bottom and you’ve got to be able to hang it up.
Cat: Anything else?
KC: No.  I’m sure you’ll manage.  With your capabilities I reckon you’ll be able to come up with something.
Cat: ….!!

I’m taking it as a complement that my eight year old thinks I am ‘capable’ and given the grin I got this morning I think I did good!  It was very easy to make using the contents of my scrap bin with a little help from my Accuquilt Go! Baby.

Cat x

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