Lilac_blouseIn the end Kitty and I watched all four episodes of the Great British Sewing Bee (her Dad very kindly recorded it for us so that he wouldn’t be forced to watch it himself!).

We were decidedly uninspired by the first episode… why include two men and then make all of the challenges to do with making or altering women’s clothing.  It was so unimaginative and I can’t pretend that we weren’t just a little bit disappointed.

However, by Episode 3 we were getting into it, rooting away for our two favourites Lauren and Ann.  There was something magnificent about the latter’s command of all things needlework, but we were rather fond of Lauren’s more modern execution of most of the tasks.  In the end the best woman won and let’s hope that I can still wield a needle with such precision in my eighties.

One positive aspect of watching the programme was that I was inspired to make a blouse for myself, something I haven’t done in years.  Every since a certain young man made a comment about my homemade clothing!  I used to make about 60% of my own clothes well into my twenties.  This is probably what contributes to my dislike of clothes shopping – nothing is more infuriating than spending hours trying to find something to wear which fits correctly, is well made and which doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

I chose a fairly simple pattern to get myself started, but have experimented with the fabric.  This is an organic cotton/bamboo mix which I bought from Raystitch – one of my favourite online shops.  It had it’s first outing today and I even got a couple of compliments.  Maybe I might just snitch that green fabric I bought to make Kitty a skirt…

Cat x

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