Day 40

Day40_lilacscarfI did it! Forty makes in a little over 40 days – but nevertheless the task is complete.

This scarf was not actually meant to be number 40 but the project assigned for today is still in a heap on my desk, not least because I have fallen very rapidly in and out of love with jute.  Let’s just say that I won’t be rushing out to buy any more.

Back to my lilac woolly loveliness.  I can knit, and quite well though I say so myself – but I don’t get any enjoyment out of having to sew it all up at the end and then add necklines etc.  I always seem to lose stitches and gain them so everything looks higgledy piggledy and unsatisfactory to my slightly over perfectionist eye.  In this respect I prefer crochet with it’s one stitch wonderfulness.  However, Mr Cat does get a bit cross if I disappear every evening to commune with my sewing machine so it’s nice to have a little project to be getting on with in front of the fire.

I discovered Rachel John and her extreme knitting a little while ago and it is right up my street.  Straighforward knit one purl one but using great big needles (I have hidden them from Destructa Dog) and multiple strands of wool at the same time.  This scarf was easy breezy to make and is currently keeping me nice and toasty warm.

Cat x

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