Day 32

Day32_BaubleI know, I know… it’s only March! But have you seen the weather outside?  Our house looks like Santa and his reindeers are likely to arrive at any moment right now.  I shall be tramping through the snow to the post office shortly and I’m not really looking forward to it I can tell you.  One silver lining of the snow is that all organised outdoor activities this weekend have been cancelled (hooorah!) which means no hours on end spent shivering in the cold – but unfortunately no trip to my favourite sewing shop either.

This little project was sitting on my shelf (rather like Barney Toots) for a little while and I wanted to see how easy the kit was to put together.  I have to admit that it took me an awful lot longer than I expected because the instructions were really poor and the pins provided were so small that they were virtually impossible to pick up.

However, all is not lost, I now know how it works and you will see these reappear later in the year in a slightly different format.  I’m off now to get started on a few projects because I can have a day of guilt-free sewing.

Cat x

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