Goat Farm

Goat Farm

Marnie’s first excursion of the week, after bread making (we made a hedgehog which got eaten very promptly afterwards) was to a goat famr in Bayeux. At least, we think it was Bayeux. The farmer was lovely, as were the goats- the kids were particularly popular. Activities included brushing goats, feeding goats, milking goats, being trampled by goats…
I felt very much like bringing a baby goat back home with me, but a) wasn’t sure how to get it past security on the ferry, and b) thought Cat would probably kill me. So, I settled for a pack of delicious homemade goat’s cheese- I’m sure Cat will put up a post on it soon, it was her present, and two minature, but not quite the same goat figurines.
Can we get a goat Mum, can we, please?
K and M

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