Day 16 – World Book Day

Day 15 - world book dayWith three children in the house nothing strikes more fear into me than the letter in the book bag asking ‘please send your child to school dressed as a Victorian/Viking/Vulture’ – usually with only 48 hours notice.

World Book Day fills me with complete horror every year because not only do we have to have the discussion about what the favourite book/character is but then I have to manage expectations that it is unlikely that I will be able to come up with a Pirate Dinosaur costume at short notice.

However, this year, with only KC to kit out (secondary schools don’t go in for such nonsense – hoorah!) and 5 weeks notice I am on top of the game.  KC is a big fan of Liz Pichon’s Tom Gates books.  The defining characteristics of the lead character are flicked back hair, an electric guitar and membership of his band called Dog Zombies.

I’ve got a can of superfix hairspray somewhere in the back of the cupboard, the PaperJamz guitar will be putting in an appearance and thanks to the wonders of modern technology here is a bespoke Dog Zombies t-shirt which I created today.


Cat x

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