Day 14

LunchbagIn order to get in the mood of things, I had a look at ‘Packed Lunches in Primary Schools in the UK’ , a 70 page PDF file detailing packed lunches. Did you know that according to Mintel (2002), 5.5 billion lunches are packed for children each year in the UK? Yes, yes, I know, you’re all starting to drift off now. But as it happens, we’ve now arrived perfectly on the topic of the next make. Day 14 is a wonderfully colourful lunchbox, made by Cat for me to take to school. I think you’ll agree that March is a pretty chilly time of the year, and it never hurts to bring in a flask of soup for lunch – with the odd slice of freshly made bread perhaps?

We’ve been down the plastic boxes route, but I think this lunch bag is so much more fun. Buying a handmade lunchbag allows your child to pick their own pattern, colour and print. Eating should be fun and fashionable. The lunchbag has a lovely thick thermal lining in it, is fully washable and is similar to the Tardis in that there’s a lot more space on the inside than there appears to be on the outside.

One thing’s for sure – I’m going to take heed of the ‘Eat Me’ embroidery on the flap of the bag in the next few weeks!

Kitty x

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