Day 36

Little MonsterPinterest is a wonderful thing, isn’t it? Inspired by a picture of a monster a bit like this, Kitty set about making her own little monster using the materials Cat had at home. Though there’s still room for improvement, this is the finished result. Christened Howard, or Howie for short, this little monster has raised quite a few smiles in the past day. He’ll be keeping Kitty company as she goes through all the possible new makes for the remainder of this challenge- they could have a big job ahead of them!

Day 35

Day35_MillicentMouseNot another sister this time, but Cousin Millicent.

A bit of a diva, Millie loves nothing more than to take the stage in her little pink dress.  Once upon a time she toyed with the idea of being a ballerina, however Dorothy’s cakes quickly put paid to that particular aspiration.  Now she fancies herself as a bit of an opera singer…

Cat x

Day 34

Day34_DorothymouseMeet Dorothy!

She is Marnie’s older (and much bossier) sister.  A demon in the kitchen she makes a mean fairy cake and is responsible for most of the mouse family’s clothing being just that little bit too tight.

Fortunately she has avoided Destructa Dog and been made completely without incident this time.  She’ll be off to her new home shortly – they had better behave because pastry isn’t the only thing she uses her rolling pin for!

Cat x

Day 34

Day34_TablerunnerBack to an old favourite for Day 34.

This is the third time I have made this particular table runner – though I think this one is actually the smallest.  One 8′ long one is currently gracing a dining table in Washington DC which is rather impressive.  I had a couple of the square panels left from that particular effort so made one more to make this a decent size and it will be winging its way to Northern Ireland at some point next week.

Cat x

Day 33

Day33_DrawstringbagMore of the lovely English Insults fabric from Sarah Waterhouse Textiles today.  This was specially printed for me by Sarah a couple of weeks ago in a gorgeous deep plum colour.  I love the yellow but I think this has to be my favourite so far.

This drawstring bag is very similar to the washbag that I made for Kitty a little while ago but it’s about 20% bigger.  Very useful if you want to take the whole bathroom cabinet away on holiday with you, or for packing those gorgeous shoes for a special weekend away.  It is lined with lightweight calico and can be handwashed gently should you get it a little grubby.

On with the last few challenges now – what will I do with myself when I am finished!

Cat x

Day 32

Day32_BaubleI know, I know… it’s only March! But have you seen the weather outside?  Our house looks like Santa and his reindeers are likely to arrive at any moment right now.  I shall be tramping through the snow to the post office shortly and I’m not really looking forward to it I can tell you.  One silver lining of the snow is that all organised outdoor activities this weekend have been cancelled (hooorah!) which means no hours on end spent shivering in the cold – but unfortunately no trip to my favourite sewing shop either.

This little project was sitting on my shelf (rather like Barney Toots) for a little while and I wanted to see how easy the kit was to put together.  I have to admit that it took me an awful lot longer than I expected because the instructions were really poor and the pins provided were so small that they were virtually impossible to pick up.

However, all is not lost, I now know how it works and you will see these reappear later in the year in a slightly different format.  I’m off now to get started on a few projects because I can have a day of guilt-free sewing.

Cat x

Day 31

Day31_biscuitsWhen Kitty made the 40 Makes for Lent challenge one of the stipulations was that I could include food (Kid did try to get making a mess past the panel but was vetoed) providing it wasn’t a normal meal.

So here we have a little sample of the biscuits made for a bake sale at school with an Easter theme.

If you think they look yummy you are not alone… so did the 24 children who I spied eating them with gusto.  One of which was KC: which means I made biscuits which my own child bought back.  I’ll take it as a compliment.

As with the key fobs – if you want to sample some of these in person you are just going to have to come to the school fair.

Cat x

Day 30

Day 30_BeachhutkeyfobsI did ask the adjudicator (aka Kitty) if I could use these as Days 30 – 34 but received an emphatic ‘No!’ – spoilsport.

So here we have Day 30a, 30b, 30c, 30d and 30e – a collection of generously sized key fobs that guarantee you won’t be scrabbling around in the bottom of your handbag while trying to juggle the shopping, a bouncy dog and all the other assorted detritus that you collect as a mother.

The best thing about these is that they are all made from bits gleaned from my scrap bag – actually that isn’t completely true because I have 3 scrap bags: big useful bits, small bits that are too small to bin but not big enough to make anything from and the teensy weensy bits that are off for recycling.  The middle bag usually finds its way to KC’s primary school where it will be turned into magnificent works of art.

I’ll have these on my stall at the school May Fair – so if you want one you are just going to have to come along…

Cat x

The Bayeux Tapestry

The Bayeux Tapestry

The next stop on Marnie’s Adventure was the Bayeux Tapestry. A self-confessed history nerd, I could go on about it forever, but in an attempt to be vaguely relevant on what is essentially a quirky craft blog, I’ve decided to dedicate a whole seperate post to the tapestry instead. Sewing related. Mainly.
Lots o’ love,
K and M
(Could that be an ice cream- K and M? M and K? How about Marshmallows and Kit Kats? If you had to come up with your own ice cream flavour, what would it be called and why? )

Day 29

Flower Crochet CoastersCat rustled up this little flower crochet coaster this afternoon from a kit included in the latest edition of Mollie Makes. Unfortunately it turned out to be a bigger job than she thought because someone had borrowed her crochet hooks and she had to make a trip out to buy some more.

These are the epitome of granny chic and Cat loves them especially because they remind her of my great-grandmother who inspired her love of sewing. She used to have lots dotted around her house at all times mainly in turquoise and cream I am told.

They are just the thing for an evening in with a hot cup of tea and some Crafty magazine reading.

Kitty x