Day 9

Colourful CushionsTo the unperceptive eye, it might seem that we’ve slipped off the bandwagon a little bit with this challenge. However, rifts in time and space have caused dimensions to jump meaning that Day 9 didn’t appear as it was meant to on the blog. I’m kidding. In fact, lack of lighting and a photographer (sorry!) made it nearly impossible for meto post this new creation until today. Don’t worry, we’re still completely on track and firing on all cylinders for the next thirty days of Lent.

Cat’s make for today is a pair of super squidgy (as tested by K.C), super colourful and super cool cushions. If you look back at Day 5 of the challenge, you will notice that the same fabric used for the pouffe has been used to create a centrepiece on these cushions. Arranged in diagonal strips, these prints certainly create a stunning impact. Not only are the cushions comfy and creative, but they’re also larger than your average pillow meaning that you get more for less when using old, or recycled fabrics. All in all, that’s one great make.

Kitty x

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