Make for Lent


Lent will begin in two days time, undoubtedly spurning a heap of ‘Lent’ resolutions. People will claim ‘I’ll give up chocolate’ , ‘I won’t fight with my brother’, ‘I will eat less junk food’. This year, we thought we would do something different instead.

In replacement of giving up things for lent, Kid the Cat’s son is proposing going on a making spree. Where as others might give up things for the forty day period, Cat, along with the help of K.C, Kitty and Kid, is aiming to make a single sewn item each day every day until the 30th March. The hope is that not only will we be being creative, but ideally, we’ll also be getting your view on potential new products for Etsy and the Kid the Cat’s son website.

So what do you think? Let us know in the comments section below, we’d love to hear your opinions. Why not drop us a note on what you’re doing for lent? Do you have any making suggestions of your own?

Kitty x

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