Meet Marnie

Meet Marnie

This is Marnie the Mouse, a creation of Cat’s for her Lent challenge. Marnie is a very special make because in four days, she’ll be travelling to France with Kitty for a European adventure. They’ll be on the lookout for anything crafty, cool or just plain quirky and will be reporting their information back to you promptly on their return.
Au revoir for now!

Day 13

Felt MouseOk, we admit it. There’s a chance that we might be maybe, just a little bit, a teeny, eeny, meeny bit hooked on these adorable felt critters. But can you blame us? They’re just so cute! This mouse looks great in blue, and the purple witch’s hat and scarf add an element of character as well as much needed warmth in these cold temperatures. Cat might have picked herself a short straw on this one though- our household love them so much that she’ll be busy fulfilling all the requests until next Easter.

Kitty xxx

Day 12

Fabric LanternSetting up any kind of flame in a household with rowdy children is almost certainly a disaster waiting to happen. That’s why I love Cat’s twelfth make so much- it takes the fuss out of decorations and puts the fun back in. This fabric lantern is wonderfully colourful not to mention eco-friendly, because you can use it again and again and again. Inspired by an article in a recently purchased sewing magazine, this lantern was an absoloute must make. I can’t wait until the summer. Don’t you think it would be brilliant to string lots of these up in the sun? They would brighten up any garden for sure.

Kitty xxx

Day 11 – Journey to Oz

Journey to Oz

Strictly speaking this is probably make 10A since it is part of the same commission, however it was made on a separate day so I’m counting it!

This bunting is now on it’s way to sunny Australia (I was tempted to use a bigger envelope and wrap myself to get away from the rain) so it should soon be adorning a nursery wall in Melbourne.

Cat x

Day 10

Pink BuntingIs it Day 10 already? Today’s make is a commission, and will eventually make its way to a little girl called Matilda. The flags comprise floral, spotty and pink prints partnered with a bright pink string and letters resulting in a cute piece of decor for any room. Out of all the things that Cat makes, I have to admit that her bunting is one of my favourites. It suits any occassion: birthdays, weddings, parties, christenings, annual events, and is simply great for brightening up a room. Cat makes bunting per request of her customers and for special occasions- did you see her Union Jack themed bunting for the Jubilee? If you’re interested in having a closer look at the types of bunting Cat already makes, then follow the link on the blog to the Kid the Cat’s son etsy shop.

Kitty x

Day 9

Colourful CushionsTo the unperceptive eye, it might seem that we’ve slipped off the bandwagon a little bit with this challenge. However, rifts in time and space have caused dimensions to jump meaning that Day 9 didn’t appear as it was meant to on the blog. I’m kidding. In fact, lack of lighting and a photographer (sorry!) made it nearly impossible for meto post this new creation until today. Don’t worry, we’re still completely on track and firing on all cylinders for the next thirty days of Lent.

Cat’s make for today is a pair of super squidgy (as tested by K.C), super colourful and super cool cushions. If you look back at Day 5 of the challenge, you will notice that the same fabric used for the pouffe has been used to create a centrepiece on these cushions. Arranged in diagonal strips, these prints certainly create a stunning impact. Not only are the cushions comfy and creative, but they’re also larger than your average pillow meaning that you get more for less when using old, or recycled fabrics. All in all, that’s one great make.

Kitty x

Day 8

Grey & Pink BagThe make for Day Eight is a bag made out of grey tartan fabric complete with a pink felt trimming and vibrant button. The bag is an exact replica of another made not long ago as a commission. The sister of the lady who recieved the bag liked it so much she has asked for her very own version- and voila! The handle on this bag is made of the same grey tartan, making it soft and easy on the shoulders, whilst the pink felt ribbon adds a burst of colour to the otherwise neutral grey. Pleats on the front of the bag add extra character, and the inside is extra roomy- leaving lots of extra space for all the other makes from this project!

Kitty x